A scatter of houses on the A4118 South Gower Road, Penmaen (meaning Stone Top) sits beneath the sharp rise of Cefn Bryn, the second highest point on Gower. Surrounding the small village is a rich array of archaeological sites and remarkable scenery.

The most important centres in the vicinity, Parkmill, on the A4118, and Southgate, on the B4436, lie about a mile to the east. At the western end of Parkmill is the Gower Heritage Centre, an engaging cluster of craft workshops, teashops and other family attractions around a 12th-century water mill. At the eastern end of Parkmill are Kilvrough Manor Woods, 18.5 acres of ancient broadleaved woodland. The nearest access to the coast by car is from the car park at the southern end of Southgate.

Some of the most impressive coastline in Gower greets those prepared to walk. Southgate provides access to the footpaths along the majestic limestone Pennard Cliffs, which are dotted with many important bone caves, offering proof that humans arrived on Gower an amazing 19 millennia ago. Not all the caves have yet been thoroughly excavated, and some are too dangerous for amateurs to tackle without local guidance.

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