Paviland Cave

Stuart Beale commented….”Paviland Cave is home to the oldest known ceremonial burial in Western Europe and was initially believed to be the remains of a roman lady. However, the Red Lady of Paviland was not lady at all but a shaman who was buried over 30,000 years ago. To add some perspective, the pyramids of Egypt, and Stonehenge, are believed to be just 5,000 years old.

When this shaman was buried here the sea levels were much lower than they are today and you could've walked all the way across the Bristol Channel to Devon. It's likely that Gower would have been a mountain range overlooking low lying land to the south.

Nobody really knows why he was buried here, and exactly what his status was, but further DNA testing could one day shed more light on what must be one of Wales' most intriguing discoveries.”

Irene Kelk commented….”That's where Neanderthal remains were found Also the Gower has a Neolithic long burial chamber and other caves which were the lair of hyenas. Many other interesting sites in Gower where people have lives for millennia”