Oystermouth Castle


The castle grounds can only be accessed via pathways from the Norton side of the Castle. Oystermouth Castle is located in a beautiful location on the hill in Mumbles, overlooking Swansea Bay. Oystermouth Castle was used as the residence of the Marcher Lords of Gower, and as such was frequently under attack from the Welsh population. The earliest building is the keep which dates from the early 12th century.

Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles
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The stone castle came later and was built sometime during the mid-thirteenth century. This structure was was attacked during the revolt following the conquest of Wales by Edward I. Over time the gateway and the keep have been enlarged. In the early fourteenth century the keep was reconstructed to improve the living conditions. Shortly after this the chapel was added.

Conservation work
Conservation work is being carried out at the castle to preserve the building for future generations and to improve access. 

The conservation work is supported by the Heritage Lottery FundCadw, the City and County of Swansea and Friends of Oystermouth Castle