Gower Reserves
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Sedger's Bank
SS 470 844
South Gower Coast
Area 35.1ha

Rocky foreshore, beach and relict sand dune grassland.


0.5 km south of Port Eynon village, at the western side of the beach.

Sedger's Bank makes up a large part of the most westerly edge of Port Eynon Bay and the entirity of the nature reserve can only be seen on the lowest tides of the year.

The only area of the reserve which is above high water mark is made up of a small storm beach surmounted by a relict sand dune upon which Sea Bindweed, Common Rest-harrow, and sea spurge grow.

The rest of the reserve is frequently covered by seawater depending on the height of the tide in the cycle between springs and neaps, and the limestone rocks provide shelter for the full range of shore life including Mussels, Whelks and Beadlet Anemones.

The reserve serves as a resting place for Purple Sandpipers and Shags at near high tide in winter, and is also a site where individual Grey seals haul out having ventured this far up the Bristol Cannel.





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