Gower Reserves
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Gelli-Hir Wood
SS 562 925
Fairwood Common
Area 10.9ha

Secondary broadleaved wet woodland and pond. Woodland birds, butterflies, flowers, fungi and invertebrates. Dormice and otterss have been recorded.

Access  Limited car parking, footpaths, wheelchair access to central area

Voluntary Warden  Dr Tony O'Kane & Dr Paul Griffiths

The wood lies on the northern edge of Fairwood Common, Gower. Access is gained over a stile on the unclassified road which runs from the B4271 north to Cil-onen. Car parking adjacent to the reserve is limited.

Gelli-Hir Wood is situated on deep glacial drift Carboniferous grits and shales. The reserve grades from wet Oak/Birch woodland in the south and east to drier Ash/Elm woodland in the north and west. There are a variety of associated habitats including open rides, streams and a pond.

Sparrowhawk in the woodland, and Mallard, Coot and Teal around the pond. Fallen timber and rotting stumps support an abundance of lower plants and invertebrates.

Moths and Butterflies are well represents, including species such as Comma, Silver-washed Fritillary and Holly Blue.

Good times to visit

April-July for woodland flowers, butterflies and birds.

September-October for fungi.



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