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Deborah's Hole
SS 435 862
South Gower Coast
Area 6.7ha

Sea cliff, limestone, grassland and heath, forming part of the Gower Coast Rhossili to port Eynon.

Warden  Vacant

2 km east of Rhossili, 3 km west of Port Eynon, Access to the Deborah's hole nature reserve can be gained from the public footpath leading south to the coastline from kimerleymoor, or via the Rhossili to Port eynon coastal footpath.

Deborah's Hole is named after a small inaccessable cave which during nineteenth century archeological excavations yielded Stone age tools, which are to be seen in Swansea Museum.

The reservehas been partially surface quarried for limestone either as building stone for walls or for burning to produce lime for agricultural fields. The vegetation ranges from maritime limestone grassland with Common Rock-rose, Squinancywort, and Wild Thyme on the thinner soils through to limestone heath supporting Heather and Bell Heather together with Gorse and Hawthorn scrub. The reserve has nesting Rock Pipit and Linnet, with Fulmar and Raven nesting upon adjacent cliffs.

This reserve allows good views of the Knave, a small offshore stack with attendant Cormorants and Shags, and on a clear day, the Island of Lundy can be seen far out in the Bristol Channel


Cormorant © Chris Gill Jones 2002





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