About Enjoygower (updated July 2009)

Enjoygower was launched in 2004 and has been developed as a 'web portal' to serve the businesses and communities of Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower. The web site is best be described a visitor guide to the area. Enjoygower features key destinations and promotes small businesses that support the local tourist industry. We like to refer to Enjoygower as a system, rather than just a web site. We are continually refining and optimising the features, function and navigation.

Engoygower is ranked No1 by Google for searches on the keyword 'Gower'. The site receives over 10,000 unique visitors per month and peaks to over 27,000 during August. The site has links from over 500 external sites including Swansea University and NHS wales.

the author

Christopher Gill Jones
Editor / Co-ordinator

contact: chris.jones95@btinternet.com


Born in Swansea, Chris is a qualified Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer with over 20 years commercial design experience. As an illustrator he worked for BMW in Germany, later moving to London where he worked with various media applications including Photography, Graphic Design and Computer Graphics. In 1993, Chris was elected a member of the Chartered Society of Designers.

Chris has worked in training and education for the last 15 years and is currently a Curriculum Area Tutor and Co-ordinator for Interactive Media at Gorseinon College nr Swansea. The courses cover Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Web Design, Digital Video and Animation. He is an external verifier in Media and Art for BTEC and an experienced eLearning practitioner / 'Moodle' consultant. His work in managed online learning is the subject of a case study published by BECTA. In 2008, he was short listed for the Fforwm awards for Digital Resources. In 2009, Chris succesfully completed a Master's Degree in Multimedia.

Chris has enjoyed Gower for over 40 years, as a water sports enthusiast he has made the most of the beaches and coastline and over time has developed an intimate knowledge of the area. Enjoygower originally started as a technical challenge, but has grown into a labour of love, where he is able to combine his design skills with his knowledge of the Gower. The Enjoygower project has lead to new challenges and he is constantly discovering new features and facts about Gower.

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