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Enjoygower is the most popular guide to Gower that is currently published on the web. Just search 'Gower' on Google. There is a lot competition in terms of websites looking to sell advertising space. We do not actively canvas for advertising business. Essentially, Engoygower is a not for profit venture. The revenue generated pays for photography and on-going developments such as We are happy to provide testimonials.

The average subscriptions is £160.00 per annum. For this you get a unique page plus a map. We also include your accommodation in a searchable database. These days, most clients want us to re-direct visitors to their own websites. We are happy to do this as most use web analytics to track where their visitors come from. We are confident that you will be pleased with the amount of traffic generated to your websites. If you are not satisfied after 3 months, we will return your subscription minus a set-up charge (£40.00)

The actual number of 'hits' can be misleading, our statistics refer to individual, unique visitors. The server side analyser is able to identify each visitor, it also eliminates repeat visits. Importantly our statistics show that the web site is almost twice as popular this year as it was last - and we therefore anticipate receiving close to 200,000 individual visitors this year. See below a screenshots from our web analytics captured for 2011.


We are happy to discuss our statistics with anyone interested in advertising with us, All email accommodation enquiries generated by Enjoygower are clearly identifiable and statistics are available for these.

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