About Enjoygower

Enjoygower has been designed and developed as a 'web portal' to serve the businesses and communities of Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower. The web site is best be described as a visitor guide to Gower and South West Wales.

Enjoygower features key destinations and promotes small businesses that support the local tourist industry. We like to refer to Enjoygower as a system, rather than just a web site. We are continually refining and optimising the features, functions and navigation associated with Enjoygower. We are also indroducing new technologies and features designed to make using the internet a more enjoyable experience.

It would also be fair to state that we are concentrating primarily on developing material for the tourism industry and we have invested in specialist equipment and software to support this..

Appearances can be deceptive: Enjoygower contains over 300 pages of information !

Introducing the team    

Chris Jones
Editor / Co-ordinator / Designer

Born in Swansea, Chris trained as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and has over 18 years commercial design experience. As an illustrator he worked for BMW in Germany, later moving to London to design for print. but soon moved into Multi Media and Computer Based Design. In 1993 Chris was elected as a full member of the Chartered Society of Designers.

Chris currently lectures in eMedia applications, he has a Diploma in Training Management and is an experienced trainer and assessor.


Julian Herbert
Designer / Photographer

Born in Swansea, Julian has a passion for Photography , especially when the subject matter is Gower. Trained as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, he has worked extensively in print based media in the UK and Australia. His photography may be viewed and purchased thought Gower and Mumbles.

Julian currently specialises in developing instructional design material, and has developed e-learning material for local colleges and institutions. Julian is working at the front end of web development.

Peter Hutchins
Database Management and Flash Authoring

Pete is an experienced back-end developer with a great deal of multi-media experience, in particular he has worked extensively with packages like Director and Flash. He is also able to integrate databases with programs like Cold Fusion.


Tel: 07813294715

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